At Three Ring, we are completely focused on student work. We believe that students and teachers everywhere are doing some really cool and amazing things. The artifacts and experiences created every day in classrooms around the world are a rich source of evidence about student learning and growth. Three Ring hopes to be the best environment for capturing, storing, and using these artifacts in a digital space.

We care about the classroom experience. Input from teachers and students helps Three Ring stay simple and effective. With your help, we can design new ways to use artifacts to drive learning. Our goal is to make it easy for teachers and students to embed assessment in instruction and to use authentic evidence for both.

Most importantly, we think that teaching and learning, not technology, needs to be the primary focus of our company, just like it is in the classroom.


Three Ring was founded in November 2011 by Michael Lindsay, Stephen Silvius, and Alec Turnbull. We were driven by the idea that education technology could be a great help to teachers and students by recognizing all the amazing things they do that are important, valuable, and too often thrown away or not focused on. Alec, a superstar coder and education enthusiast, built an incredibly easy-to-use system that launched in March 2012. Now, Three Ring is used by thousands of teachers around the world. We hope you will join us in writing the next chapter of Three Ring's history!


Michael Lindsay -- Co-Founder and CEO

Stephen Silvius -- Teacher, Co-Founder, and Chief Education Officer

Desmond Bowe -- Lead Developer

Marshall Eubanks -- Chief Customer Officer

Jon James -- Creative Technology Director