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Show what happens in your classroom with Three Ring!

Use our Android or iOS App to snap a photo of written work, capture video of presentations, or record audio of student discussions. You can also upload digital files from your computer.

Rescue forgotten student work from the bottom of backpacks or hidden in endless stacks of binders—everything is organized seamlessly and ready to be used for teaching and learning.

For Schools and Districts

The Three Ring Growth and Success Platform allows students and teachers to quickly collect qualitative evidence of learning. It’s seamless to organize it, share it with the correct administrators, parents, or students, and build a dynamic running record of growth in any subject.

Districts and schools are using Three Ring with 1-1 programs, BYOD, and for project-based-learning, performance tasks, flipped classrooms, portfolios, and more. Contact us now at (678) 296-6003 to learn how Three Ring can boost instruction, professional development, and parent communication in your district.